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Actors: Sophia Capri, Taylor St. Claire
Directors: Kristine Imboch
Keywords: bondage
Views: 5 views
| Categories: Female Bondage
Length: 00:58:29
Recorded: 1 year and 5 months ago
Beautiful brunette Taylor is tired of her career as a masseuse. She wants to live the good life on someone else's ticket. One day she notices a strange symbol on the hip of her busty new client, Sophia and the two ladies get into an argument about what it represents - a strange cult of women who are able to read minds once disposed of their virginity. Taylor knows she steal a lot of loot if she can learn to read minds. Unfortunately Sophia can't read them yet, or she'd know what Taylor is up to. The curvy redhead is bound, gagged and led out of her own house by a leash! Kept chained in Taylor's attic, Sophia suffers days of degrading treatment, but refuses to divulge the secrets of her lineage. She remains stoic as her breasts are bound and when she's bathed by her captor. Will she ever gain the upper hand on wicked Taylor?
David1971 (1 year, 5 months ago)
Great to see the gorgeous big breasted, beautiful feet and ultra horny Taylor St. Claire teased and denied or her orgasm and left hanging!
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